23/11/2023 The Best Cycling Sunglasses for Road Cycling in Lanzarote
Cycling glasses are one of the essential safety accessories for cycling, and we cannot stress their importance enough. Road cycling in Lanzarote is highly developed and attracts many cyclists due to its attractive and sunny mountain, valley, and beach routes. In Lanzarote, you will surely find the glasses you need, as there are many specialised establishments offering cycling gear.

Here, we'll clarify some very important points you should consider so that you can avoid setbacks and enjoy the pleasure of this amazing sport. Remember, glasses will protect you from gravel, leaves, insects, and other objects that could impact your eyes, preventing injury. Additionally, the wind can quickly dry out your eyes if you're not wearing any glasses. For these reasons, cycling glasses have that characteristic shape to protect the eyes not only from the front but also from the sides.

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Cycling Glasses with UV Protection

In the sunny landscapes of Lanzarote, where it's an absolute pleasure to enjoy road cycling, it's essential to have protection against the abundant and harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Ultraviolet radiation is not visible, but it can cause eye diseases such as cataracts or macular degeneration. The best protection against ultraviolet rays comes from cycling glasses with UV400 protection. This standard should guarantee 99% protection against UVA and UVB radiation, which includes all radiation with wavelengths below 400 nanometers. Glasses with this protection have it printed on the arms or on the front.

When buying cycling glasses, do so from reputable and specialised cycling gear stores. This way, you'll be purchasing a guaranteed product that meets all quality standards.

Anti-glare or Polarised Cycling Glasses

We're all familiar with the annoying glare and flashes on sunny days' routes, which often hinder visibility. This can lead to accidents of all kinds, not only when cycling but also in any other type of vehicle. To address these issues, polarised materials were created, which filter out these reflections and provide us with a much clearer vision on the road. Nowadays, you can find cycling glasses with combined protection: anti-glare and UV400. However, we must be cautious when purchasing them from recognised cycling gear stores.

"...For road cycling in Lanzarote, we must have good glasses that allow excellent visibility and reduce visual fatigue..."

Cycling Glasses for Visual Problems

Everything would be clear and ready up to this point if we didn't have some visual problem to correct. Myopia is the most inappropriate visual defect for driving any vehicle on roads and highways. Myopia doesn't allow us to see clearly three meters away, let alone on a road. Fortunately, there are effective solutions to enjoy road cycling in Lanzarote comfortably and safely.

Prescription Cycling Glasses

Specialised cycling stores offer you the option to make glasses to correct your particular visual problem. However, the cost of these services is very high and often out of your economic reach. One of these adapted glasses can cost you more than three hundred euros. Plus, you can only use those glasses when you're on the bike and you'd have to take great care of them. If it weren't for the high cost, this would be the ideal solution in every sense, as we would ride with the same comfort as another cyclist without visual problems.

Cycling Glasses with Optical Clip

This solution is much more viable economically and effectively corrects the visual defect. The optical clip has corrective lenses and its assembly is comfortably inserted on the inside of cycling glasses. This way, you can use any variety of cycling glasses you want, just by inserting the corrective optical clip.

Cycling Glasses with Contact Lenses

Another effective solution is corrective contact lenses, if we tolerate them well or are accustomed to using them. This way, we would use any of the various models of cycling glasses. However, you'll need more care when taking breaks from them, as after several hours you'll have to remove them and caring for them may be uncomfortable in the places we visit.

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