19/10/2023 Cycling tips : manual gear or electronic gear?
The world of cycling is in continuous expansion and innovation, and this is demonstrated by the appearance of electronic bicycle shifting . Certainly the electronic transmission, compared to the manual transmission, has its pros and cons, which we will explain to you with some tips about cycling .
It is true that many cyclists still hesitate and prefer to opt for what is known and cheaper, but it seems that electronic shifting is here to stay. That's why we talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of each one so you can decide.
You can even opt for manual or electronic transmission when renting bicycles , in case you travel without your bike.

Cycling tips - Advantages of manual shifting



It is much cheaper to have a manual transmission, and it does not matter if you have to make a replacement.

Less weight 

The manual transmission is much lighter since it does not have the extra weight of the battery.

Cycling tips - Disadvantages of manual shifting


They come out of adjustment very easily 

Without a doubt, the manual transmission is much more susceptible to misadjustment, since it works through the tension of a cable, which continuous use wears out and causes it to lose tension.

Cycling tips - Advantages of electronic shifting


Comfort, reliability, precision 

The first advantage is, without a doubt, comfort. Just one click and that's it, without having to touch the sprockets or plates, as you have to do with a manual transmission. In addition, once adjusted there will be no need to do it again, since there are no cables to come loose.
On the other hand, the rear derailleur and derailleur are driven by small motors, which translates into a reliable response in almost any circumstance, rain or mud.
The precision is also reflected in those moments of great tension in the transmission, since the electronic change responds equally well when we pedal.

Does not go out of adjustment 

The electronic shifting is much more reliable and does not go out of adjustment with use, the chain will always run correctly and the components wear much less.


As a cycling tip , it is necessary to clarify that the electronic transmission does not require too strict maintenance, compared to the manual one. Once fitted and calibrated, you can pedal whatever you want.

Cycling tips - Disadvantages of electronic shifting



Bikes with electronic transmission are heavier because they include the battery, although this detail has been greatly improved.


When having a battery, you must keep in mind that it must be charged. Dependency develops if you forget to do it, as that may mean that you do not go out or that you stay in the middle of a route.
But it's not that serious either, since these batteries usually have a range of 2,000 kilometers, although if you don't charge it it won't be worth it.


This is one of its drawbacks: its higher price. The electronic transmission is more expensive than a manual one, and not only the installation but also if a component has to be changed, replacing it will be more expensive.

Cycling Tips - Other Considerations 

Following the tips on cycling , electronic shifting is also much more common on a road bike than on an MTB, although there are increasingly more models and prototypes that include it.
The most relevant thing is the weight, but there are already brands, such as SRAM and Campagnolo (and of course, Shimano, which was the first) that make the batteries much lighter, and they integrate much better with the handlebars, saddles and frames.
SRAM, for example, installs the batteries directly in the rear derailleur and derailleur, and also opted for Wireless technology, which is very convenient and gives the bike a cleaner and less loaded appearance.
There are even technologies that allow a kind of automatic shifting (such as Shimano's Di2 shifters), where you can shift only with the rear derailleur and the Di2 system takes care of the chainrings. Of course, first you have to connect the electronic transmission to a computer or mobile phone and configure these possibilities from there.
As for bicycle rental , our store offers bikes with electronic changes so you don't have to worry on your outings. Not all of them bring them, of course, we take into account the tastes of the clients.
There are those who prefer innovation and there are those who prefer the traditional. In any case, bicycle rental responds to the needs you indicate.

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