22/04/2021 A puncture at sight. Multi tools that you should always carry with you on your bike
It can happen, and in fact it is very common when you are not an experienced cyclist, that while cycling around Lanzarote a puncture in one of the wheels of your bike can ruin your ride. It is very common that any of the wheels of the bike can get punctured by riding on a sharp piece of metal or glass.
For this reason, you should carry with you the indispensable bicycle multi-tools, with which you will solve the problem in a few minutes. The longer the route, the more prepared you should be.
If you are not very experienced with your bike, I advise you to check the type of mechanism that secures the wheels so that you know how to remove them. The first thing you will do to resolve the puncture is to remove the affected wheel. Most bikes have no major problems removing the wheels if you are familiar with the mechanism.
It is advisable to turn the bike completely upside down and rest it on the saddle and handlebars, with the wheels facing upwards. This is the most comfortable position to remove the wheels, bearing in mind that we are on the road solving the problem.
It is very important, when it is time to remove the rear wheel to repair the puncture, to place the chain on the smallest sprocket. In this way, the wheel can be easily removed and reattached. Otherwise, the job will be much more difficult. Many beginner cyclists have had great difficulty removing or mounting the rear wheel of the bike. However, it is very easy to do if you take a few minutes to find out how to do it.

Bicycle Multi-tools - Spanner

Many low-end bicycles secure the wheels to the frame with bolts. With the adjustable spanner you can easily loosen the bolts, even if they are of different sizes. On the other hand, on mid-range bikes you no longer need a spanner, because they come with a safety lever for securing the wheels. For this reason it is important that you check the mechanism that your bike has.
In any case, it is important to have it among your bike multi-tools when you are cycling around Lanzarote. You should buy a small spanner and take it with you wherever you go with your bike, as it can get you out of trouble.

Bicycle multi-tools - Levers

Detachable tire levers are essential for removing the tire completely from the wheel without causing any damage. By pulling the tire apart, you can remove the inner tube from the wheel and repair the puncture. It is normal to use two tire levers to remove the tire from the wheel.
While you're cycling around Lanzarote, don't forget to take your tire levers with you and fix any punctures. A tire lever is a must in your bike multi-tool kit.

Bicycle multi-tools - Patch Kit

To continue cycling around Lanzarote you will need to apply the patch to the inner tube of your tire, at the exact spot of the puncture. It is essential that you take your puncture kit with you wherever you go. The patch kit fits in your trouser pocket.
Nowadays, quick patches are used, which do not require the use of glue beforehand. With the old patches you had to wait ten minutes for the patch to dry. With the quick patch, however, there is no more time to waste and the inner tube is ready to be put back on the wheel.

Bicycle multi-tools - Pneumatic pump

Last but not least, you must have a small pump to fill your inner tube with air. Nowadays you can get very portable and efficient models so that you won't have any problems when it comes to fixing a puncture.
There are models that are designed for various types of inner tube filling valves. In any case, it is not a bad idea to carry a small adapter with you so that you can have more alternatives for filling your tire with air.

Bicycle multi-tools - Spare inner tubes

It may be that it's not just a small puncture and the damage to the inner tube is more extensive. In this case, it is important that you carry a spare inner tube that fits your tire. A spare inner tube is very easy and convenient to carry with you.
With all the materials and tools mentioned above, you will not have any inconvenience and you will be able to continue enjoying the beautiful cycling routes in Lanzarote. All this doesn't take up much space or weight, but it will be a great help in case of a puncture that you don't know when or where it might happen.
Puncture in sight. Multi-tools that you always have to carry on your bike - assistance - Papagayo Bike

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