11/03/2021 6 basic foods in a cyclists winter diet
Winter does not have to be a time to neglect the nutrition of cyclists. It is true that the cold weather invites us to warm dishes, soups, creams, stews, bean stews, all hyper-calorific spoon dishes that comfort the body and keep it in a kind of hibernation. But that's for the rest of us mortals.

Besides, Christmas parties do not contribute at all to good nutrition, with so many sweets, fats and alcoholic beverages. Delicious, no doubt, but they increase the risk of weight gain (in fact, many cyclists tend to gain a few kilos).

This is not necessarily a cause for concern, as there will be plenty of opportunities to burn off the extra calories over the next few months. But if you don't want to completely neglect cyclists' nutrition, it's good to follow some guidelines.

Athletes should maintain their physical condition as much as possible, which is why many athletes choose to cycle in Lanzarote during the cold winter months, to keep in good shape.

Remember, too, that training is just as important as nutrition to balance energy expenditure, even if we feel hungrier in winter (perhaps due to the lower temperatures).

However, during the winter, it is important to have healthy eating habits, and not to eat more fats or carbohydrates than recommended. In addition, as it is cold and flu season, you need to boost your defenses, get enough sleep and rest and keep stress to a minimum.

A good diet for cyclists will include the following foods:

1. Citrus fruits

Lemon, oranges, grapefruit and mandarins are an important source of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which is essential for strengthening your defenses. This vitamin has remarkable antiseptic and antibacterial effects so that viruses and bacteria do not attack you.

You can drink the juice of a lemon on an empty stomach, and eat the other citrus fruits whole.

2. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is rich in beta-carotene, a vitamin A that gives it its characteristic color and makes it a powerful antioxidant. It helps to keep the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract healthy.

Precisely in winter it is ideal for this reason, to protect against colds and certain respiratory problems. It also helps you to go to the toilet every day and to keep your intestinal flora healthy.

Cooking it is very easy, you can puree it, make creams or bake it in the oven, which is great, with olive oil and Provencal herbs.

3. Carrots

This winter root is also rich in beta-carotene, just like pumpkin. It promotes good vision because of its lutein content, a carotenoid that is effective in improving night vision.

It prevents cataracts and macular degeneration, which is very important for cyclists. It is best eaten raw, in juice (with oranges and beetroot) or grated, although it can also be cooked and served with other vegetables.

4. Grapes

Whether you are cycling in Lanzarote or in other parts of Spain, when autumn arrives, so does the grape harvest. There is a great variety of them, green, white, red, pink, black, sweet or sour.

Grapes have depurative effects and are very energetic. All its medicinal properties are found in the skins, especially resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant.

They also have vitamin E and fiber and are very refreshing. It is best to eat them fresh and in season, and on an empty stomach, so that you can take advantage of their purifying effect.

For a cleansing diet, eat grapes for 24 hours, starting at 14:00, after lunch, and continue until the next day at the same time, when you resume your usual diet.

5. Spinach

Spinach contains lutein, lots of fiber and iron, which keeps the immune system healthy, although its iron content is not so high.

It helps to oxygenate the muscles and to avoid iron deficiency anemia. If you are going to eat them cooked, cook them lightly and season them with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. This way, your body will be able to absorb the iron better.

Try not to eat them with very fatty sauces, such as béchamel sauce or cheese, as this will not provide anything healthy.

6. Legumes

Lentils, chickpeas, beans and broad beans. Spain has a wide variety of pulses, and they are all important sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as vegetable protein. In winter they are ideal for their contribution of fiber and slow-assimilation carbohydrates, as well as B vitamins and magnesium, which are very important for muscle recovery.

If you decide to go cycling in Lanzarote during the winter, take care of your diet and your health with these basic foods.

6 basic foods in a cyclists winter diet - Papagayo Bike Lanzarote

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