5/10/2023 5 tips for cycling training in the rain
As is well known to all cycling lovers, Lanzarote is a true cycling paradise . Therefore, cycling in Lanzarote It has become a widespread activity thanks to the unbeatable conditions of the island and the infrastructure achieved.
However, like everywhere, it is possible to encounter days that are neither sunny nor peaceful, and even in the middle of summer, showers can ruin your training while cycling in Lanzarote .
But it doesn't matter, because we are going to give you 5 tips so that you can continue with your bicycle training in the rain without it being a problem for you, because the rain should not be an impediment to continuing to enjoy the bike. On the contrary, it can be a very useful tool.

1.Cycling in the rain - Nearby circuit 

On rainy days, try to do circuits that are close to your house, avoiding muddy terrain as much as possible. Clay soils are not very conducive to cycling training in the rain , rather look for places with good drainage.
Ascents that are steep and explosive, and descents in steps and with successions of curves. This way you can brake better.

2.Training on a bike in the rain - Short training 

The important thing is that you are protected with appropriate clothing; If it is heavy rain, it is best to opt for sets of pants, jacket and shoe protection. If it is a light rain, a poncho may suffice, although it can be a bit annoying if it is very windy.
This is so that your circuit is short but intense, and you can train at 100% for an hour or an hour and a half without risking your health.

3.Training on a bicycle in the rain - Keep the bike under control: brake sooner 

Riding a bike in the rain can be quite difficult. When you get used to doing it, the results are much better because you will be able to control the bicycle under normal conditions.
As it is easier to slip and fall on wet terrain, and taking into account that you tend to slide outwards, the way you brake is decisive: you must do it carefully, feeling the terrain and avoiding sudden braking.

4.Cycling in the rain - Always keep your feet dry 

As much as possible, of course. Cycling training in the rain will be more effective if you isolate yourself from the atmospheric conditions as much as possible. That means not using cotton socks and using neoprene socks.
Additionally, you will have to protect your shoes with waterproof covers, or use waterproof shoes. This is important since you will be able to keep your feet dry for longer, without getting cold.

5. Cycling in the rain - Reduce speed 

Exactly the same as if you were driving. When it rains, the bike wheels lose grip due to the mud that sticks to them. So that scares do not occur during your training, slow down.

Cycling in the rain - Other tips 

Just as you should keep your feet dry, your head should also be protected. That's why wearing a synthetic hat under your helmet will be a good idea and will keep you away from possible chills.
On the other hand, if you already know the route, it is advisable that you do not avoid the puddles but rather pass right through the middle of them; This is to prevent even more road erosion, especially on mountain roads. But it is important that you know the way, so that you do not take risks.
On the other hand, hydration is something to take into account. When it's cold, almost no one gets thirsty. But since in your case you are training, it is essential that you hydrate yourself correctly, even though you are dripping with water everywhere.
No matter what circumstances you ride your bike under, snow, rain, hail, cold, whatever, the body loses water through sweat; It is vital that you replace it before, during and after training.
Cycling in Lanzarote can guarantee you the acquisition of new skills on the terrain, especially if you go out on rainy days and put into practice the advice we give you.
In summary, the important thing is to control the bike, not give in to your nerves, be well protected from the rain and not spend too long outside: despite how good the insulating materials are, if you are exposed for too long at some point the rain will hit you. It will penetrate the bones, and that is never recommended.

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